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  1. Full Body - ($35)
  2. Upper Body with Abdomen - ($25)
  3. Upper Body without Abdomen - ($20)
  4. Lower Body with Abdomen - ($25)
  5. Lower Body without Abdomen - ($20)
  6. Face Blend - ($10)
  7. Tan Line Correction - ($15)

Contour D’Or The Avante Garde Shrinking Tan

Airbrush Tan fat shrinking treatment-$120.00/ Airbrush Tan fat shrinking treatment with contouring $140.00

What is Contour D’Or?
The all new Inch Loss Spray Tan by Tibby Olivier

  1. A revolutionary and unique tan and body treatment
    1. This specially formulated tan provides you with a system to both shape and sculpt the body with immediate effect using our unique Body Contouring techniques
    2. However, this also creates real inch–loss due to its specialist formulation which has raised the bar for the spray tanning industry
  2. The active ingredient (Phospholipid) is a Liposome which penetrates the dermis in seconds
    1. A liposome is a tiny bubble (vesicle) made out of the same material as a cell membrane.

Only available by a qualified Tibby Oliver therapist
How Phospholipids work
Very effective, innovative Phospholipids helps to remodel body contours

  1. The main ingredient in Contour D’Or is a Phospholipid complex– a similar ingredient was previously used in the popular fat dissolving injections in th 1980’s.
    1. Contour D’Or contains a high content of Hydrolysed Lecithin to promote reduction in body contours; a class of Phospholipids
  2. Our Phospholipid has the same effect as the popular fat dissolving injections
    1. The previous technique typically involves patients receiving dozens of small ‘fat burning’ injections over several sessions
    2. Contour D’Or does not require any injections
  3. Phospholipids are naturally occurring. They are a class of lipids that are a major component of all cell membranes as they can form lipid bilayers. Most phospholipids contain a diglyceride, a phosphate group, and a simple organic molecule such as choline.
  4. They have a hydrophilic head (attracted to water) and two hydrophobic tails (repelled by water) so they are repelled and have their own movement.

Pre Treatment Advice

For the best results this involves:

  1. Tanning Products/Lotions: Refrain from using these 1-3 days prior to the spray tan as the colour and quality of the tan applied could be affected. Do not use lotions or perfumes on the day that you are getting your tan.

Day before treatment

  1. Shower, & Exfoliate, moisturise whole body exfoliation and moisturiser is essential the day before the tan is to be applied. This will remove dead skin cells and provide a smooth surface for the tan.
    1. Pay special attention during exfoliation to knees, elbows, ankles and the tops of feet.
  2. Undertake any necessary hair removal: Shaving or waxing must be done at least 24 hours prior to tan application – not on the day of treatment. If carried out less than 24 hours previously the client may experience ‘dotting’ as the pores are still open.

Before The Treatment

  1. Do not consume a large meal or lots of alcohol, tea, coffee or fizzy drinks
  2. Take a warm bath or shower to remove any creams, lotions, make up or perfumes on the skin and exfoliate well, especially areas prone to dryness such as feet, knees and elbows.
  3. Avoid synthetic soaps, shower gel, lotions or creams which will hamper the tan and decrease absorption.
  4. Bring a bathing suit to be tanned in and/ or we will provide you with disposables.
  5. Wear loose dark clothing and non-restrictive socks or shoes or bring some to wear AFTER your receive your tan.

Also there is a form of contraindications that I will need you to fill out.

Post Treatment Recommendations

  1. Have a light diet
  2. Drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses a day)
  3. Increased urination is normal.
  4. Limit salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and processed foods
  5. As with all tanning products avoid light and delicate fabrics or furnishings that could stain.
  6. Leave the solution on the skin for 8 hours – avoid getting wet, excessively tight clothes or rubbing of the skin whilst your tan develops.
  7. After 8 hours, a gentle wash and rinse will remove the bronzer from the surface of the skin. They must treat the skin like a traditional spray tan!
  8. Moisturising regularly (oil free moisturiser); avoiding abrasives and a gentle exfoliation will prolong the tan.
  9. Regular exercise (a half an hour 3 – 4 times a week) is a great body/mood booster)
  10. A series of Contour D’Or treatments may be offered. You should see inch loss after the first one but further results can be achieved with subsequent treatments. Please allow a minimum of 72 hours between treaments.

Shrinking Violet Inch loss body Wrap- $140.00

Before Treatment
Do not consume a large meal
Take a warm bath or shower and avoid synthetic soaps, shower gel, lotions or creams

After Treatment

  1. Have a light diet
  2. Drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses a day)
  3. Limit salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and processed foods
  4. Leave the oil on the skin (just rinse lightly in shower, but don’t wash off with soap or shower gel, (apart from armpits, feet and groin)
  5. Consult a nutritionist if necessary for advice on calorific requirements and possible food intolerances (wheat for example can often cause bloating)
  6. Take regular exercise (Just half an hour 3 – 4 times a week is a great body/mood booster)
  7. Dry body brushing before showering will improve skin texture and tone
  8. SV retail kits are available for small areas
  9. Ideally have a course of body wraps (you should see an improvement after the first one, but it may take up to 3 treatments to achieve optimal results).