Our Story

Luminous Glow is more than a salon, it's a lifestyle.

We look our best when we are glowing after a day in the Sun. But the Sun's harmful UV rays can damage skin cells and cause cancer. Knowing this, Barbara Clark, owner of Luminous Glow, set out on a mission to find the best airbrush tanning products available.

For years, Barbara tried sprays that turned her orange, products the bled onto her clothes and sheets, and products that faded too quickly. Until one day, Barbara happened upon a product that changed everything she thought she knew about airbrush and spray tanning.

The product, which was invented by a chemist from Neutrogena and a woman that previously had skin cancer, was organic-made from a brown sugar extract. It went on brown and stayed brown as it faded naturally. It didn't bleed onto her clothes or her sheets after it was applied. All in all, Barbara knew that this product was revolutionary.

So, after careful consideration (and the support of her good friends out west), she opened Luminous Glow in 2012 and she hasn't looked back.

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